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Trey Songz - Never Again [Official Video]

Trey Songz - Never Again [Official Video]

Posted by Webcrew 8 years 8 months ago in Music Videos
Average: 5 (13 votes)
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on November 21, 2012 - 5:19pm
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Average: 5 (13 votes)


Sweet.Heart's picture

I really love this song ! It's my Favorite, and this is a beautiful video ! I love you Trey cause in this song you said what I'm feeling.

Mz.Candy's picture

i love trey sooooooo much

ritayvette31's picture

This is a very beautiful video, but it made me so sad cause I know exactly what you are talking about and showing in this video.

Quatonya's picture

Awww, he is so beautiful. Words can't explain how much I love you Trey!!! My heart, body and soul feel every part of you!!

breezyzadiva33's picture

What can I say, the "Never Again" video is "Simply Amazing", it makes me want to "Dive In" to Chapter V over and over again. Trey Songz looked so BOMB in that video it almost gave me a "Heart Attack" and (excuse my language) made my "Panty Wetter"!!! Ok, I think you got the point!!! LOL

Tesi Melissa's picture

#yeah never again <3**

Sammybs11X's picture

Love it .. Never fails to disappoint

maria_latina_trey_songz's picture

i like this video a lot

umsstyle's picture

AWESOME..I love trey he is so sweet.....

lilbaby0421's picture

Aww man this video was so awesome and the fact that I'm from philly and I mused you spring it makes me sad!!!! This sucks for me!!!!!!:) :'(



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